Analysis of the Concept of Spirituality and the Issue of Meaning

  • Ali Mesbah دکترای فلسفه دین و دانشیار مؤسسه آموزشی و پژوهشی امام خمینی (ره)، قم، ایران. (نویسنده‌ی مسؤول)
Keywords: religion, spiritual health, issue of meaning, spirituality


Spirituality is a human lost property throughout the universe that knows no time and place. Although the word spirituality and its derivatives have not been used in the genuine Islamic sources, they have been propagated in Muslims' literature both in Arabic and Persian languages. As the application of this word has shown, it is related with the "meaning" so that the lexical origin of the spirituality confirms this matter. The meaning refers to a situation that includes at least two layers: one, the appearance that narrates and the other the inside that is narrated. All the scholars' theories are common in two points notwithstanding differences: the meaning is something that is concealed inside a statement or action and must be discovered and the second that the meaning is somehow related with the belief system and the aims of a special action. Islam presents a complete perspective of the existence. The relation between the world's appearance and its inside is one of meaning so that the apparent world is a show of       the world's inside and indicates a meaning that has been concealed     inside it.


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