Nurses and nursing students views on spiritual care in kerman medical university

Mojtaba Jafari, Sakineh Sabzevari, Fariba Borhani, Mohammadreza Baneshi



Background: Spiritual care is an important component of nursing performance that has not been considered sufficiently in routine activities. Therefore, it seems for providing holistic care, the spiritual dimension should be noticed particularly as a prominent aspect of human being which affects individuals' health. This research was done to compare nurses' and nursing students' views about spiritual care in kerman in 2011.

Methods: This study is a descriptive and comparative study that. The sample consisted of 400 persons (320 nurses and 80 nursing students) that completed  Spiritual Care Perspectives  Scale (SCPS) questionnaire about spiritual care. For data analysis SPSS 18 and T,ANOVA, Regression, variance analysis were used.

Results:  Average scores of views regarding the spiritual care was 46.91±4.97 in nursing students and 45.37±4.39 in nurses . There was a significant difference between two groups of nurses and nursing students (p<0.05). In both groups, scores of those who had participated in ethics workshops were high; moreover, a difference was also observed in nurses in respect of workplace hospitals (psychiatry or else) and position (nurse or nursing managers) (p<0.05).

Conclusion: Students’ scores were higher than those of nurses that may be due to a special attention to spirituality and spiritual care in nursing education in recent years. Considering the importance of the issue, it is proposed that some educational  plans to be prepared to promote nurses' and nursing students' qualifications in respect of  spiritual care and acquisition of necessary capacities.


spiritual care view; nursing students; nurses

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