Spiritual Approach in Medical Education and Humanities

Jafar Bolhari, Hoda Dous Alivand, Mosleh Mirzaee



For years, humanities and in particular, the medical education and the health system have been regretting to answer the agony of their visitors in human, value and spiritual terms. Although some authorities-based, humanistic and existentialistic approaches have been able to lead education and services toward a modern sublimity, now that the achievement of the research in the field of spirituality in health has caused another hope in the medical education and humanities, it has been tried to answer these questions in this paper by reviewing different research: What is the spiritual health? What do the visitors expect from us? What do say the research evidences in this respect? What is the necessity for taking spiritual profile from the visitors? What measures should be taken after the spiritual evaluation by the authorities? What spiritual cares may be made by the therapist in his clinical working? What is the Islamic view on psychotherapy? It seems that answering these questions is the answer to the doubts, failures, and the necessities for applying the phrase and plans of the spiritual health in education and it is expected that thereafter, decision-makers of the health system and the Academy of Medical Science facilitate its resources and development requirements.


medical education; spiritual approach; humanities; spirituality

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