Semantics of Spiritual Health and its Religious Scope

Mohammad Javad Abolghasemi



Although it passes over five decades since the raise of the issue of the spiritual health, but the dimensions of this very important pillar have remained still unknown; for this reason, everybody, considering his sovereign paradigms based on his worldview has tried to provide a definition but no consensus has been reached yet. The main cause of the difficulty of definition returns to two main elements. The first element includes the type of sovereign worldview, attitude and paradigm that usually exists behind any view and judgment. Another element that plays a role in the second stage is non-agreement on the concepts of such words as health, spirituality, religion, spirit, soul, disease and other relevant items. The spiritual health in the medical terminology with a materialistic approach is a process by utilization of which, to the treatment of patients may be assisted. In non-medical terminology or the spiritualistic medicine, however, the spiritual health is a process that, in addition to be utilized in the corporal treatment of patients may be also useful in their spiritual and mental treatment and above it may provide situations in the society that would also raise the social health and finally would help the allover integrity and sublimity of the man and humanity.


Religion; health; spiritual health; semantics

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