Measuring Service Quality in Emergency department Based on patient rights: a cross-sectional study from Iran

  • Rasoul Noorossana استاد دانشكده مهندسي صنايع دانشگاه علم و صنعت ايران، عضو هیأت علمي مركز تحقيقات كيفيت و بهره وري پارسيان، تهران، ایران.
  • Sajjad Rezaeian کارشناس ارشد مهندسي سيستم‌هاي اقتصادي و اجتماعي، پژوهشگر مركز تحقيقات كيفيت و بهره‌وري پارسيان، تهران، ایران. (نویسنده مسؤول)
  • Abbas Saghaei دانشیار دانشكده فنی دانشگاه آزاد اسلامی واحد علوم و تحقیقات، عضو هیأت علمي مركز تحقيقات كيفيت و بهره‌وري پارسيان، تهران، ایران.
  • Yousef Karimzadeh كارشناس پرستاري، اورژانس بيمارستان حضرت ولي عصر فسا، فسا، ایران.
  • Somayeh Moradi كارشناس پرستاري، بيمارستان حضرت ولي عصر فسا، فسا، ایران.
Keywords: Patient Satisfaction, Quality Assessment, Emergency Services, Hos-pital


The status of providing medical services to patients in the emergency wards can be indicator of medical service delivery in every part of hospital. The objective of this study is to determine the rate of satisfaction of the emergency patients in Vali-e-Asr Hospital of Fasa.

The study was application and descriptive and analytical. Designed questionnaire in five-part Likert scale has completed through interview. 470 Patients were interviewed. Collected data through SPSS 18 and Minitab16 software is analyzed by using appropriate tests. Validity of questionnaire is provided through structural and content method. To determine reliability, Cronbach alpha is calculated which 0.91 is.

The results showed that 50.1% of the studied samples were men. Among the demographic and contextual variables, there was statistically meaningful relationship between satisfaction and education (p <0.001). Exploratory factor analysis showed that the questionnaire contains five factors which are: "facilities and equipment", "Environmental health", "Access", "Care" and "behavioral aspects". The satisfaction of "facilities and equipment" 3.41, "Environmental health" was 2.69, the "Access" was 3.77, and “Care” was 3.15 and the satisfaction to behavioral aspects” was 3.11

The findings highlight the need to improve the quality of emergency services. It appears that by reforming system's defects based on Patients’ opinions higher satisfaction would be obtained.


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