Study ethical aspects of using embryo stem cells

Mahmmad Rahmati



Research on the ethical aspects of the operation of the embryonic stem cells produced by therapeutic cloning, is so important, because ethics has always been one of the main sources of law and it is ethically challenging whether Research and finally Treatment with the embryonic stem cells produced by Embryo is abuses human identity or not, Discussion focuses on the time of formation of human personality. There are different opinions among philosophers of ethics and doctors in analyzing this issue; Appears pluralist approach is a good strategy to solve the problem. That is, a set of determining standards can be effective in the life of the embryo. The prohibition is not only way to prevent these abuses. But a realistic plan and understanding ethical errors in the use of stem cells is useful method for preventing these abuses. And the states can support patient’s financially through health insurance or support packages and provide facilities to the gamete volunteer donors and monitor on it.


Ethical aspects; State responsibility; Human personality; Embryonic stem cells

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