Spiritual Care at the End of Life (Systematic Review)

Mahmoud Abbasi, Ehsan Shamsi Gooshki, Hedieh Movahedi, Saba Saffari



Human always tries for life and this issue appears more in facing with death. Facing with death is always accompanied with anxiety and panic; in particular, this issue becomes worse that the person is aware of his imminent death and he is placed in the process of End of life.

 According to this issue that in present era, by using the improvements in medical science, the life process becomes longer and often, the person spend this stage of life in isolation and anxiety. Thinking about strategies and measures become so important to address these issues, in the end.

Among the affecting factors in relieving mental and emotional suffering due to the lapse of the death process, especially within the hospital, is the spiritual care and strengthen the spiritual dimension of patients, leads to strengthening their spiritual health.

According to the importance of spiritual care in the end of life and its requirement with the spiritual sense, in this study we intend, by using the studies in this areas, to investigate the importance of providing these services and the type of mechanism and its effect on spiritual health of patient and by using the strengths and weakness points, we want to conclude the way of appropriate spiritual in Iran due to the cultural and religious backgrounds. 


Spiritual Care; Spiritual Health; End of Life

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