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Vol 2, No 3 (2016)



Table of Contents


Aging and mental health XML
Mahdi Fani 1-3

Original Article

The comparison of lifestyle aspects and spiritual growth among students audience of satellite and television at Kohdasht universities in 2015 XML
Foroozan Gharee, Rahim Hamidy pour, Anahita khodabakhshi koolaee 4-13
Facilitators and inhibitors of full hijab by students: One qualitative study XML
Foroozan Atashzadeh-Shoorideh, Jamileh Mohtashami, Morteza Abdoljabbari, Marzieh Karamkhani 14-24
Comparison of the spiritual health and irrational beliefs of male and female undergraduate, masters and PhD students in Kashan XML
Sara Afshahr 25-34
Enquiring the effect of metacognitive beliefs and religious attitude on the tendency to cigarette use in adolescents XML
Ghobad Bahamin, Forouzan Davari Fard2, Maryam Malekshahi, Reza Abi, Reza Dousti 35-45
Spiritual health nurses working in hospitals and critical care departments of Ilam city in 2015 XML
Hamed Tavan, Amin Khalafzadeh, Yousef Jamshidbeygi, Samira Shojaee, Taleb Kokhazadeh 46-53

Review Article

The Evaluation of Social Spectrum of Health in Statements of Imam Ali(a.s.) in Nahjolbalagheh XML
Mohammad Ali Heidarnia 54-64
Study of the jealousy effects on mental health from the perspective of Islam and Psychology XML
Shahabadin Zolfaghari, Zakkieh Najarian, Batool Najarian 65-74