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Cancer-related fatigue and its association with health-related quality of

Shirin Hasanvand, Tahereh Ashktorab, Zohreh Jafari, Nayereh Salmani, Zeinab Safariyan





Background and aim:

 Fatigue is one of the most common complications and symptoms of cancer. It affects

on people's ability and quality of life and functional status. This study examined Cancer-related fatigue and

 relationship with health-related quality of life and functional status of cancer patients.

 Materials and Methods:

In this corelational descriptive study, 57 cancer patients were selected by

consecutive sampling. Fatigue, quality of life and functional status of patients measured by the Fatigue

 Severity Scale (FSS), FACT–G and Karnofsky Performance Scale. Validity and reliability of questionnaires

 were investigated by content validity and alpha chronbach. Data analysis was done by descriptive statistics

 and Pearson correlation coefficient, T test, Mann-Whitney, Kruskal-Wallis and ANOVA.



The mean fatigue score of samples was 4/36. The overall mean of QoL was 66 (14/65) and 5/89% of

samples had moderate quality of life. Results of functional status showed that most patients (61.4%) were able


to perform normal activity and functional status scores range between 20 to 100.There was significant and


inversely statistical differences between fatigue and quality of life. (r = - 0/69, p <0/000). Functional status

 was significantly and inversely correlated with fatigue (r = - 0 / 58, p <0/000).


 cancer patients experienced moderate fatigue. Considering relationship between fatigue with

quality of life and functional status, it's necessary to be considered action to reduction of fatigue and therefore

 improve of quality of life and functional status of cancer patients.


 Health-related quality of life, fatigue, cancer, cancer, functional status





Health-related quality of life, fatigue, cancer, cancer, functional status


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