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Investigation of correlation between mothers’ marital satisfaction and depression among their adolescent in Shiraz

zahra Dastgheib, kamel Ghobadi Dashdebi, zabihollah Gharlipour Gharghani, fatemeh Hoseini, akbar Babaei Heydarabadi, asghar Ashrafi Hafez








Depression is the most prevalent malady of the century. About 20 per cent of adolescents between 13 and 19 experience at least a fit of depression before 18. The present study investigated the relationship between mothers’ marital satisfaction and depression among their

adolescents in Shiraz, Iran.

Materials and Methods:



A correlational study was carried out on 300 teenagers of 14-19 years old (160 females and 140 males) and their mothers in educational year of 2009-10, whom were randomly selected among a pool of students from Shiraz’s four Educational Districts. A depression questionnaire with 21 items and a questionnaire of marital satisfaction with 47 items helped in collection of data. Pearson’s correlation of coefficients, regression, and independent t-tests helped

in data analysis.




The current study found depression among teenagers as 43.4 per cent and their mothers’ marital satisfaction as 19.2 per cent. We found an inverse significant relationship between marital satisfaction and adolescent depression in both genders (P<0.00d1), with mothers’ marital satisfaction accounting for 0.52 per cent of depression among their teenagers. There was a difference between

male and female teenagers in their depression scores (P<0.05). There was also a negative significant relationship between teenagers’ depression and mother’s education and family economic status.




Our findings underscored the importance of educational programs intended to prevent

depression among teenagers.



Marital Satisfaction, Depression, Adolescents




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Marital Satisfaction, Depression, Adolescents

DOI: https://doi.org/10.22037/anm.v24i84.7152