The Effect of a Yoga Program on "Health-Related Quality of Life" of Children in Residential Care Centers

Elahe Lal kheirkhah, Manijeh Nourian, Kiarash Saatchi, Farzane Ahmadi



Introduction: Children living in residential care centers are a vulnerable population and enjoy a lower health-related quality of life (HRQOL). This study expunged on the effect of yoga exercises on HRQOL in children living in residential care centers.

methods: In this quasi-experimental one group before-after study with time series design, all the children aged 8-13 years who qualified for the inclusion criteria and were living in governmental residential care centers of Isfarayen were selected using the census  method. The participants took part in the yoga classes for 8 weeks. HRQOL was assessed using Kid Screen Health-related Quality of Life Questionnaire (KS-HRQOLQ). The gleaned data were analyzed with SPSS21 using repeated measurements analysis.

Results:Changes in the total score of HRQOL obtained in five measurements were not statistically significant (P=0.270). Variations in the score of HRQOL in the dimensions of mental well-being, the relations with parents and self-autonomy, social support and peers, and school environment were not significant from before to one month after completion of interventions (P=0.29, P=0.67, P=0.16, & P=0.50, respectively). For the physical well-being dimension, the changes were significant from before to immediately after completion of interventions (P=0.013). Changes were not significant in the presence of personal and demographic variables (P=0.45, P>0.05).

Conclusion:Yoga exerted a positive effect on physical well-being of HRQOL in children living in residential care centers in Isfarain, Iran, during the completion of interventions; however, this effect did not continue one week and one month after completion of interventions.

Key Words: Yoga, health-related quality of life, children, residential care centers



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