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Evaluation of compliance between the results of Pap smear test and pathological specimens sent to the pathology department of Shaheed Sadoughi hospital in Yazd city in 2011-2014

Khadijeh Arab Badkobeh, Robab Sheikhpour, Mansour Moghimi




Background and Aim:
Pap smear test is the most effective and appropriate screening method for cervical cancer
prevention. This technique, due to early detection power in early stage of invasive cancers, causes
decreased mortality of cervical cancer. The purpose of this study was to assess the compliance
between the results of Pap smear test with biopsy specimens sent to the pathology department of the
Shaheed Sadoughi hospital.
Materials and Methods:
In this cross sectional study, 145 cytology and pathology specimens that was sent to the pathology
department of the Shaheed Sadoughi hospital were selected. Agreement between the result of
cytology test and pathology was analyzed with statistical software SPSS and kappa agreement test.
P<0.01 was considered statistically significant.
The result of cytology and pathology showed that there is a little agreement between cytology and
pathology results (P<0.01, K: 0.26).
According to the results, low levels of agreement was observed between the result of pop smear test
and pathology results. Therefore to promote quality of cytological reports, the improvement of
performance of midwives, cytologist and resident are recommended.
Key words:
Uterine cancer; Pap-smear; Biopsy


Uterine cancer; Pap-smear; Biopsy


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