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The Impact of Training on Medication Error Rate of the Emergency Department in Hospitals Affiliated to Golestan University of Medical Sciences

Azam Hajibeglou, Mansoureh Zagheri Tafreshi, Farhad Kamrani, Malihe Nasiri




Introduction: Medication errors are the most common type of medical errors that can
cause serious problems for public health and are considered a threat to patient safety.
This study was conducted to determine the effectiveness of patient safety training
on nurses’ medication errors at the emergency department of a hospital of Golestan
Province in Iran.
Methods: The present quasi-experimental study was conducted from March to
September 2016. The study population consisted of nurses working at a hospital
affiliated to Golestan University of Medical Sciences and a sample of 40 nurses at
the emergency department of this hospital were selected through a census. The
data collection tools used included a demographic questionnaire and Wakefield’s
Medication Error questionnaire for nurses (consisting of 21 domains), which were
used once their reliability was confirmed. A patient safety training program was
designed and implemented for the selected emergency nurses in the form of a twoday
workshop. The obtained data were analyzed using the SPSS-18 software with the
Wilcoxon test.
Results: Results showed that the rate of medication errors (80.62%) of nurses were
at a low level. The majority of nurses (80.62%) scored low in terms of the frequency
of medication errors; after the training, a significantly greater number of nurses scored
low in terms of this index (90.31%; P < 0.001). The analyses showed the effectiveness
of the patient safety training program for nurses in the two domains of wrong time
error and missed dose error (P < 0.001); however, the training had no significant effects in the other domains.
Conclusions: As patient safety training can be effective on nurses’ medication errors,
retraining courses on safe medication administration are necessary regarding nurses’
significant role in the prevention of medication errors.


Medication Errors, Nnurses, Emergency Department, Effectiveness of Training, Patient Safety


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