The Association of Sexual Dysfunction and Sexual Satisfaction with the Mediating Effect of Sexual Self-efficacy among Married Women in Tehran

Saba Saminfar, Shahram Vaziri



Background and Objective: The strength of marital relationships is compromised without satisfying sexual relations, and sexual dysfunctions can lead to decreased satisfaction and sexual self-efficacy. The objective of this study was to determine the association of sexual dysfunction and sexual satisfaction with the mediating effect of sexual self-efficacy among married women in Tehran.

Materials and Methods: This study was of descriptive correlational design. The statistical population of this study included married women who were referred for consultation District 7 of Tehran, among whom 133 were selected via convenience sampling method. Data were collected using Larsson Sexual Satisfaction Questionnaire (LSSQ), Gender Sexual Function Questionnaire (FSFI), and self-efficacy questionnaire. Data were analyzed using Pearson correlation in SPSS software version 22, and path analysis in AMOS software version 22.

Results: Increased sexual dysfunction, mean (SD)=15.2 (5.4), was associated with decreased sexual satisfaction, mean (SD)=98.5 (15.3), P<0.01. Increased self-efficacy, mean (SD)=18.3 (5.7) was associated with increased sexual satisfaction, P <0.01. In addition, the direct effect of sexual dysfunction on sexual satisfaction was -0.54, and the indirect effect by sexual self-efficacy was 0.14, which suggests that sexual self-efficacy decreased the negative impact of sexual dysfunction on sexual satisfaction.

Conclusion: The study showed that sexual self-efficacy played a significant mediating role between sexual dysfunction and sexual satisfaction, as sexual self-efficacy was associated with lower impact of sexual dysfunction on sexual satisfaction.



Sexual satisfaction; Sexual dysfunction; Sexual self-efficacy

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