Mediating Role of Resilience in the Relationship between Social Support and Quality of Life of Law Enforcement

Hossein Rostami, Hamzeh Ahmadian, Toraj Hashemi-Nosratabad, Omid Moradi



Background and Objectives: Currently organizations with a strategic approach to human resources consider it
as a valuable asset and are planning to further enhance the style, quality of life and job satisfaction of the staff.
The purpose of this study was to determine the mediating role of resilience in the relationship between social
support and quality of life of law enforcement personnel.
Material and Methods: This study was correlational study using structural equation modeling. The statistical
population of this research included all the law enforcement personnel of Tabriz in 2015. From this population,
350 people were selected by random cluster sampling and completed social support, resilience scale and quality
of life questionnaires. Data analysis was performed using regression analysis in the Amos program and bootstrap
Results: The mean (SD) of participants age was 30.3 (3.8). The social support 45.6 (6.2) had a signifiant
relationship with quality of life 58.9 (11.6), (r=0.386) and resiliency 43 (10.3) (r=0.347); and resiliency had a
signifiant relationship with quality of life (r=0.495). Structural equation modeling showed the direct path from
social support to quality of life (β=0.235, P=0.001), and resiliency (β=0.435, P=0.0001). Also indicated that direct
effect from resiliency to quality of life (β=0.555, P=0.0001) was signifiant. Social support positively affect
quality of life through resiliency (β=0.241, P=0.002).
Conclusion: The study showed that social support can predict positively quality of life and resiliency and the
resiliency can predict positively the quality of life.


Resiliency, Social support, Quality of life

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