Early Maladaptive Schemas, Coping Strategies and Emotional Maturity Has an Emotional Injury with Clinical Symptoms without Clinical Symptoms in Students

Fatemeh Khorasani, Zahra Shabani



Background and Objectives: In each life cycle stage, special relationship with the other person involved is
that this relationship can improve individual health and social or damaged individual. The present study aimed
to compare the early maladaptive schemas, coping strategies and emotional maturity of students with emotional
injuries and no damage was emotional.
Material and Methods: The causal-comparative study was conducted. From 422 students living in dormitories
Damghan University and Azad University in the academic year 2015-16, 150 students were selected randomly.
Participants blow to the questionnaire love, coping strategies questionnaire, the young schema questionnaire and
emotional maturity questionnaire responded. To analyze the data, descriptive statistics such as mean and standard
deviation and inferential statistics such as variance univariate and multivariate multiple regressions used.
Results: Results showed that signifiantly cuts and the exclusion (P<0.01), Impaired Autonomy and Performance
(P<0.001), restrictions disrupted (P<0.0001), the orientation (P<0.01), vigilance over limit/retention (P<0.04).
The results of univariate analysis of covariance can be said that between the two groups in scores of coping
strategies and emotional maturity there is a signifiant difference statistically (P<0.0001). The regression model
explained 24.4% of the variance stems (R=0.244). Course of study and level of education were signifiant
predictors (P<0.01).
Conclusion: The study showed that people with emotional damage from the domains of conflct, coping
strategies and emotional maturity are different with people without emotional damage. Same goes for more
attention to this area will require therapists and counselors.

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