Vol 7, No 23 (2017)

Bioethics Journal (Quarterly), Spring 2017

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Table of Contents

Original Article

The philosophical fundamentals right to be forgotten from Bioethics view PDF XML
Mahmoud Abbasi, Nabiollah Gholami, Sahar Soheilmoghadam 7-15
The Relationship between Professional Ethics with Knowledge Management and Job Involvement PDF XML
Zeyneb Shojayifar, Afsaneh Marziyeh, Naser Nastiezaie 17-28
The relationship between work ethics and management style with job satisfaction Employees University PDF XML
Mohammad Salehi, Maryam Babajani Baboli 29-38
The observance of informed consent in the thesis of Iranian traditional medicine in Iran University of Medical Sciences; 2011-2015 PDF XML
Fataneh Hashem-Dabaghian, Mina Forouzandeh 39-47
The Prevention from Children Sexual Damages in Islam PDF XML
Mohammad Mahdi Meghdadi, Maryam Javadpour 61-77
Attitudes of nursing students towards euthanasia PDF XML
Kazem Hosseinzadeh, Jalil Azimian 79-85

Review Article

Genetic manipulation and loss prohibition in Islam PDF XML
Maryam Esmaeli Parzan, Mostafa Rajaeepoor, Seyed Mohsen Razmi 49-60
Ethical Living Based on Ghaboos Name (5th Hijrat) PDF XML
Esmaeil Azar 87-98