Vol 6, No 21 (2016)

Bioethics Journal (Quarterly), Autumn 2016

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Table of Contents

Original Article

Reflection on the effects of Citizenship in the teachings of Quran and Nahj al-Balagha PDF XML
Mahmoud Abbasi, Meissam Kalhornia Golkar, Seyyed Mohammad Ali Sadr Tabatabai 7-22
Citizens’ Rights in the Light of Modern Administrative Procedures PDF XML
Alireza Jamshidi, Arian Petoft 23-50
Review of the Ethics of Citizenship and its Relation to Sustainable Tourism PDF XML
Mohsen Shiravand, Sayedeh Somayeh Hosseini 51-71
Self-control aspects in Citizenship ethics, Based on the teachings of Imam Ali (peace be upon him) PDF XML
Marzieh Mohases, Fereshte Motamad Langrodi 73-88
The transition from national citizenship to global citizenship; The relation between Citizenship rights and bioethics PDF XML
Morteza Asgharnia, Mohammad Sadegh Beheshti 89-110
Human Rights and the Right to Clean Air PDF XML
Mahmoud Abbasi, Abdolmajid Soudmandi, Abdolmajid Soudmandi 111-134
The Right to Freedom of Press in the Light of the Teachings of Human Rights PDF XML
Hassan Khosravi, Navid Zamaneh Ghadim, Yousef Bagheri Hamed 135-156
The defendant's right to counsel in criminal justice authorities; manifestation of civil rights PDF XML
Azam Mahdavipour, Seyed Mohammad Reza Naghibi 157-176
The privacy observance of home, correspondence and conversations in the case law of the European Court of Human Rights with a glance to Iran’s criminal procedure law PDF XML
Alireza Taghipour 177-199