Vol 5, No 17 (2015)

Bioethics Journal (Quarterly), Autumn 2015

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Table of Contents

Original Article

The Role of Ethical Climate in Staffs’ Job Involvement Dimensions PDF XML
Nishtman Momenpur, Mohammad Hasani, Abolfazl GHasemzadeh 65-90

Review Article

The Explanation of the Cognitive Causes Environmental Crises in the Implementation of the Philosophical Foundations of Francis Bacon and Mulla Sadra PDF XML
Ali Karbasizadeh, Mohsen Shiravand 11-31
No harm principle in Islamic Jurisprudence and law and its usage in Biomedical Jurisprudence PDF XML
Soheyla Safaei, Mahmoud Abbasi 33-64
The nature and scope of patient autonomy PDF XML
Hossein Atrak, Maryam Khoshdel Rohani 91-116
The place of ethics education in nursing in Iran PDF XML
Abbas Abbaszadeh, Mohammad Torabi, Fariba Borhani, Farshid SHamsaie 117-146
Reproductive status in Islamic law and ethics PDF XML
Seyyed Abolghasem Naghibi, Seyyed Mohammad Ali Sadr Tabatabai 147-168
The Use of Patented Subject Matter in Experimental Research (A Comparative Study) PDF XML
Mohammad Hossein Erfanmanesh, Mahmoud Abbasi, Mehdi Zahedi 169-199