Vol 8, No 30 (2018)

Bioethics Journal (Quarterly), Winter 2018

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Table of Contents


From Transgenic Organisms towards Transhumanism: Necessity of Ethical Assessment and Legislation PDF XML
Mahmoud Abbasi, Forouzan Akrami 7-8

Original Article

Transhumanism: Threats and Opportunities of Modern Technologies for Human Beings PDF XML
Elaheh Mohseni 9-22
The Relationship between Human Dignity based Management and Resilience with Mediating Role of Hopefulness PDF XML
Fatemeh Mirshekar, Naser Nastiezaie 23-34
The Relationship between Moral Knowledge, Sensitivity and Performance of Nurses Working in Emergency Units PDF XML
Khadijeh Sadeghi, Azam Alavi 35-44
Public Autonomy and Self-Care Approach in Iran PDF XML
Kamran Mahlooji, Forouzan Akrami 45-54
A Causal Model for Moral Competencies of High School Teachers PDF XML
Mohammad Hassan Seif, Saeid Mazlomian, Mohammad Bagher Hosseini, Tayebeh Mohammadinia 55-68
Comparative Study of the Related Regulations to Confidentiality of Information in People Living with HIV among States of America PDF XML
Seyed Reza Ehsanpour, Hadi Azimi Garekani, Madiheh Hashempour 69-87
Ethical analysis and critique of the account of Dan Marquis about the wrongness of abortion PDF XML
Mohaddese Molavi, Ali Reza AleBouyeh 89-106
The Legitimacy of Hypnosis and its Consistency with Principles of Bioethics PDF XML
Seyed Reza Asadi Vanani, Mohamad Mohseni Dehkalani, Saeid Ebrahimi, Abasali Soltani 107-117
Ethical Dimensions of General Data Protection regulations and its Impact on Iran's Regulations and Citizenship Rights in Cyberspace PDF XML
Ali Arman, Akbar Varva,ee, Mohammed Javad Jafari 119-136