Vol 7, No 25 (2017)

Bioethics Journal (Quarterly), Autumn 2017

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Table of Contents

Original Article

Compliance with professional ethics in librarians of Central Library and Documentation Center of Tehran University PDF XML
Saied Ghaffari, Sholeh Zakiani 7-15
The Qualitative Study of Doctor-Patient Interaction Patterns PDF XML
Esfandiar Ghafari Nasab, Khalil Karimi, Seyyed Ebrihim Mosavat, MohammadAli Ghaseminejad 17-29
The Position of Ethical Requirements in the Process of Primary Investigations in the Iran’s Code of Criminal Law PDF XML
Nabiollah Gholami, Hassan Ali Moazenzadegan 31-44
Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement and Access to Medicines in Developing Countries PDF XML
Mehdi Zahedi, Mohammad Hossein Erfanmanesh, Negar Houshmand 45-62
Utilization of Ethical Principles of leadership in the Ancient Chinese for Promotion of Modern Management PDF XML
Abbas Ali Rastegar, Morteza Akbarzadeh Safui, Somayeh Zangian 63-82
The Expansion of Ethics Circle in Peter Singer's Viewpoint PDF XML
Sajad Rahmati, Sahar Kavandi 83-99

Review Article

The Role of Nanomedicine Ethics in Biomedical Researches PDF XML
Saeed Byroudian, Hamideh Ariannia 101-110
Biosafety and Bioethical Issues in Nanobiotechnology PDF XML
Mehdi Rezaee, Khadijeh Jamialahmadi 111-122