Environmental Crimes and Preventive Strategies

Esmaeil Kashkoulian, Abbas Sheikholeslami, Mahdi Naghavi



Background and Aim: Nowadays, the environment and its protection have become one of the most important social and bioethics issues in the world of humanity. This study was conducted to investigate environmental crimes and provide prevention strategies.

Materials and methods: In this analytical study, published materials related to the topic were collected and analyzed using library method. Then, recommendations have provided based on a preventive and ethical approach.

Findings: In general, the most important environmental problems are air pollution caused by industrial activities, pollution of water resources through the entry of urban and industrial wastewater into rivers, the lack of standardization in urban waste management, soil pollution due to the input of toxic substances and construction waste. Some environmental offenses include threats to public health, deliberate destruction of trees, excessive livestock grazing, unauthorized construction. Among the ways to prevent such crimes include legislative changes, conduct training courses for lawyers, the use of alternative prison sentences and the participation of people and NGOs in preventing environmental crimes. Also, criminal offenses enacted by legal entities and their importance require a criminal liability plan.

Conclusion: Environmental crimes are one of the most important problems of human communities that have the ability to destroy it by affecting all aspects of community's life. Therefore, public participation in environmental protection in the form of NGOs, promoting community culture through mass media and cyberspace and updating the rules and regulations in this area are recommended.


Please cite this article as: Kashkoulian E, Sheikholeslami A, Naghavi M. Environmental Crimes and Preventive Strategies. Bioethics Journal 2019; 9(32): 101-110.


Bioethics; Environmental Crimes; Criminal Liability; Prevention; Participation

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22037/bj.v9i32.28052


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