The Legitimacy of the Contract of Hiring of Individuals in the Process of Technology Transfer and its Alignment with Islamic Ethics

Hojat Shafee, Majid Vaziri



Background and Aim: Technology transfer is a process used to benefit from the scientific experiences of countries in development. The purpose of this study was to investigate the legitimacy of the lease contract in the process of technology transfer from the perspective of Islamic ethics.

Materials and Methods: This qualitative study was conducted using an analytical approach and using published texts, books and articles. After examining the legitimacy of the lease contract in the technology transfer process, its alignment with Islamic ethics was examined and analyzed.

Findings: The contract of hiring of individuals enjoys legal and Jurisprudence validity and legitimacy in Iranian and Islamic law. Legally, in the process of technology transfer, companies and foreign countries are recognized by the technology owner and its transferee as contractors who in the process of transfer do not own any of the manufacturing sectors and receive only wages for their activities, services and consultants. Economically, these causes benefit from both the benefits of technology and the protection of its ownership.

Conclusion: From the point of view of Islamic ethics, the lease agreement has considerable legitimacy for the technology transfer process, which demonstrates the compatibility of the law with Islamic jurisprudence and ethics; it can be a guarantee for the development of the country in the light of technology transfer.


Please cite this article as: Shafee H, Vaziri M. The Legitimacy of the Contract of Hiring of Individuals in the Process of Technology Transfer and its Alignment with Islamic Ethics. Bioethics Journal 2019; 9(32): 61-72.


Islamic Ethics; Contract; Hiring of Individuals; Technology Transfer; Ownership

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