The Impact of Professional Ethics on Organizational Accountability with Mediating Role of Teamwork

Mahdi Moeinikia, Salim Kazemi, Azim Omidvar, Afshin Divband



Background and Aim: Given the changing needs of organizations and society, productivity and competition require attention to professional ethics, teamwork and accountability. The purpose of this study was to determine the impact of professional ethics on organizational accountability with mediating role of teamwork.

Materials and Methods: In this descriptive-correlational study, the study population was the staff of Ardabil University of Medical Sciences in 2018 According to Cochran formula, 170 people were selected using simple random sampling. Qasemzadeh's Professional ethics (2014), Linchoni's Teamwork (2000) and Bovens's (2005) Public accountability questionnaires were used for data collection. Data were analyzed using SPSS24 and Amos22 statistical softwares.

Findings: Professional ethics had a direct and significant effect on teamwork (0.62) and staff accountability (0.58). The direct effect of teamwork on staff accountability was significant (0.43). Also, mediathing role of teamwork in the impact of professional ethics on accountability (0.26) was confirmed. Among the components of professional ethics, empathy (0.95) had the highest and respect for others (0.43) had the lowest factor load. Among the components of teamwork, commitment (0.85) had the highest and the constructive approach (0.49) had the lowest factor load. Among the dimensions of accountability, the dimension of professional accountability (0.90) had the highest and the dimension of legal accountability (0.57) had the lowest factor load.

Conclusion: According to the findings, staff training for professional ethics and teamwork skills can provide the ground for unity and teamwork that results in increased organizational accountability.


Please cite this article as: Moeinikia M, Kazemi S, Omidvar A, Divband A. The Impact of Professional Ethics on Organizational Accountability with Mediating Role of Teamwork. Bioethics Journal 2019; 9(31): 35-45.


Professional Ethics; Organizational Accountability; Team Work; University of Medical Sciences

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