Investigating the Impact of Human Resource Individual Development Model on Organizational Performance, Professional Ethics and Employees' Citizenship Rights

Naeimeh Tazakori, Mohammad Feizi, Mohammad Rouhi Eisalou, Eshagh Rasouli



The purpose of this study was to investigate the effect of Human Resource Individual Development model on organizational performance, professional ethics and citizenship rights. This research was of a practical type with quantitative approach that uses correlation as a research method. The statistical population of this study was Tehran's social security organization managers and employees. Using Cochran's formula, 351 people were selected as the participants of the study. Simple random sampling was used for sampling. Data gathering tools were Hersey and Goldsmith organizational performance questionnaire, Human Resource Development Researcher-made questionnaire, Professional Ethics Questionnaire and Citizenship Rights Questionnaire. Structural equation, Pearson correlation coefficient and t-test were used to analyze the data. The software used in this study included LISREL and SPSS. The results of data analysis showed that the individual development model of human resources has a positive effect on organizational performance, professional ethics and employee rights of employees. The findings of this research can be effective in adopting measures to develop professional ethics, organizational performance, and employee rights.


Please cite this article as: TazakoriN, FeiziM, Rouhi Eisalou M, Rasouli E. Investigating the Impact of Human Resource Individual Development Model on Organizational Performance, Professional Ethics and Employees' Citizenship Rights. Bioethics Journal, Special Issue on Human Rights and Citizenship Rights 2019; 107-123.


Human Resource Development; Individual Development; Organizational Performance; Professional Ethics; Citizenship Rights; Social Security Organization

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