The Right to Freedom of Press in the Light of the Teachings of Human Rights

Hassan Khosravi, Navid Zamaneh Ghadim, Yousef Bagheri Hamed



The scale for a democratic system in an international community, as written down in the human Rights declaration, is a sign of civilization of a government from one hand and on the other hand is a necessity whose basis is the freedom of countries, but freedom expression, whose apparent type is press freedom, requires creating  a desirable atmosphere based on law. But what is the position of rights about press freedom considering the limitation posed for international human rights system? According to the act 19 of the Human Rights, press freedom has been considered as right- freedom in field of human rights as a tool for expressing freedom and clarity of governments' cultural and social activities which is a requirement for creating a democratic system and provider of freedom in public. The contract of political-civil rights, entering this issue, wants the governments increase their capabilities about promoting this type of right-freedom in their territories. The present study looks for studying the dimensions of rights over press freedom and related limitations in sight of human right teachings; what are the esteem rights over press freedom in the international human right system? The key question of the author of the present work is this one and also the answer to it. In this essay, emphasizing the human rights declaration as the most important document of international human system, studies the right over press freedom in the international law. Precise knowledge about this right requires development of availability of information to people and protecting it. The aim of the present study is to develop the literature of press rights in the international field of human rights and pay attention to the damages and challenges which they face. In fact, the method used here is aimed at the original goal analyzing several theories in this field that the writers have tried to express the challenges and damages for the international community as opposed to the above, mentioned principle with some scrutiny.

Please cite this article as: Khosravi H, Zamaneh Ghadim N, Bagheri Hamed Y. The Right to Freedom of Press in the Light of the Teachings of Human Rights. Bioeth J Q 2016; 6(21): 135-156.


Human Rights; International System; Rights on Press Freedom; Freedom of Speech; Democratic System

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