Review of the Ethics of Citizenship and its Relation to Sustainable Tourism

Mohsen Shiravand, Sayedeh Somayeh Hosseini



Tourism and the Ethics of Citizenship be considered interdisciplinary sciences Not only requires the application of various fields experimental science, but also But only time will be achieved Sustainable Tourism that also be considered components of applied ethics. The Ethics of Citizenship is also an essential component of the creation of sustainable tourism. This field of research that is considered a subset of applied ethics review and explain any action and reaction of human society and their effect on the human biological factors. Without applying of the Ethics of Citizenship meaningless any kind of endeavors to achieve sustainable tourism. Many concepts of The Ethics of Citizenship and sustainable tourism is associated together, But more than ever before makes two principles of justice and security as a basic framework for sustainable tourism relationship between The Ethics of Citizenship and sustainable tourism. The necessity of this study is that, firstly, Iran is one of the important historical, religious, cultural and medical tourism poles in the region and the world. Secondly today, this industry is considered as an important source of government of income and in this way our country could create a change the approach relative to fossil energies, means the fossil energies towards tourism. The aim of this research emphasis on ethical framework of sustainable tourism by explanation of the concepts of justice and security. Outcome of this research can be mentioned to the role and function of moral obligations in sustainable tourism. The research was conducted in the context of applied ethics and has followed the descriptive and analytical methodology.

Please cite this article as: Shiravand M, Hosseini SS. Review of the Ethics of Citizenship and its Relation to Sustainable Tourism. Bioeth J Q 2016; 6(21): 51-71.


The Ethics of Citizenship; Justice; Security; Tourism; Sustainable Tourism

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