Transhumanisms, The Future of Human Dignity, Fundamental Rights and Freedoms Mankind

Abdolhassan Kazemi, Bagher Ansari, Janet Blake, Soraya Mahmoudi



Constantly, the man tried to make better condition over the period of his life and in recent decades, with advances in biotechnology, genetic engineering, gene therapy, etc. has been tried to overcome biological restrictions. On the other hand, the aim of all the legal rules and values that govern to society is protection of human dignity, regulation of social relationships of society members to achieve justice and equality. But what is important, is progress and development of genetic engineering and biotechnology and subsequently, establishment of transhumanism association in early 1988. This association considers the issue of "Modification of human race" or "Eugenic" and tries to create "Transhumanist" or new generation of humans as "Superior race"and achievements of biotechnology, genetic engineering and gene therapy for manipulation of human genome and gens is pretext for "Eugenic" of the human spices.

Scholars, especially bioethicists, have expressed their concern about idea of this group, because attempts for transform of human nature in behalf of this association are excessive. In particular, there is no clear definition about concepts that they use and emphasize.

In this article, Consideration of human nature transformation and human dignity that rose subsequently by uses of biotechnology, genetic engineering, gene therapy, etc. for manipulation of human genome, the principles and concepts of rights and fundamental freedoms, future of human societies, future of ethnic minorities and human security according to the ideas of transhumanism founders is necessary.

Throughout human civilization history, concept and nature of human, values and basic rights of human had considerable importance at all cultures and for understanding of this concept, have been made scientific and thoughtful efforts at different times, so it is comprehensible that human society express its concern about concepts, perspectives and claims of trans humanism association.

In this article, we consider concept and human nature in different approaches of philosophy. Then, we will discuss about transhumanism philosophy, future of human societies, ethnic minorities and human security in ttranshumanis era and analyze its declaration.


Transhumanism; Human Dignity; Human Nature; Fundamental Freedoms and Rights

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