Review and explain the of consequentialism and Deontologists in Islamic Doctrines

Mohsen Shiravand, Mokhtar Ranjkesh



One of the most important issues in normative ethics is investigation and explanation of the problem Consequentialism and Deontologism. Many intellectuals have focused in the West and the Islamic world (partly) on this issue and researches also have remained. The problem Consequentialism and Deontologism one of the valuable researches that can be applied as beginning in the teachings of Islam, especially in the realm of ethics .The fact that ethical Islamic propositions related to consequentialism or Deontologism itself is very important and in this area researches demands to be done. In many ethical doctrines Islam, such as Qur'an, the sayings of Imams clearly referred to deontologists and in some doctrine is provided to consequentialism. In this research we sought to investigate the important point that the ethical doctrines of Islam, related to Consequentialism or Deontologism. In addition to be important the pursuit of the fact that Islam is considered in the discussion of ethical education, Consequential or De-ontological. To achieve this objective, descriptive - analytic method has been investigated to investigate this issue with a focus on religious texts especially the Holy Qur'an. The results of this study, the separation between the two fields of Islamic teachings the field of relationship with God Deontologism and Consequentialism in society and people sphere.

Please cite this article as: Shiravand M, Ranjkesh M. Review and explain the of consequentialism and Deontologists in Islamic Doctrines. Iran J Bioethics 2016; 6(19): 7-25.


Consequentialism; Deontologism; Normative Ethics

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