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Paradoxical Embolism in a Patient with Patent Foramen Ovale; a Case Report

Mohammad Khani, Fariba Bayat, Atoosheh Rohani, Mehdi Pishgahi




Patent foramen ovale (PFO) is usually asymptomatic; however, it could be quite dangerous for patients with right side clot in which thrombus can transmit the PFO and paradoxically emboli to systemic circulation. Here we present a patient with ankle fracture and paradoxical embolus to the brain, who was successfully treated with emergent thrombectomy, inferior vena cava (IVC) filter placement and anticoagulation therapy. Despite the high rate of mortality in these patients, fortunately our patient survived with surgical treatment.


Venous thrombosis; pulmonary embolism; embolism, paradoxical; patent foramen ovale; thrombolytic therapy


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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22037/emergency.v6i1.22435


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