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Vol 3, No 1 (2016)



Table of Contents

Review Article

Overview of systems and techniques for surface display of recombinant proteins in yeast S. cerevisiae PDF XML
Renata Teparic, Vladimir Mrsa 3-14

Original Article

Optimization of Xanthan Gum Production from Grape Juice Concentrate Using Plackett-Burman Design and Response Surface Methodology PDF XML
Tahereh Ghashghaei, Mohammad Reza Soudi, Saman Hoseinkhani 15-23
Optimization of Phospholipase A1 Immobilization on Plasma Surface Modified Chitosan Nanofibrous Mat PDF XML
Zahra Beig Mohammadi, Zohreh Hamidi-Esfahani, Mohammad Ali Sahari, Kianoush Khosravi-Darani 25-34
Comparison of Bacterial Cellulose Production among Different Strains and Fermented Media PDF XML
Maryam Jalili Tabaii, Giti Emtiazi 35-41
In Vitro characterization of Lactococcus lactis strains Isolated from Iranian Traditional Dairy Products as a Potential Probiotic PDF XML
Fatemeh Nejati, Tobias Oelschlaeger 43-51
Effect of Polymer Concentration and Acidification Time on Olive Oil Microcapsules Obtained by Complex Coacervation PDF XML
Samaneh Yari, Ali Nasirpour, Milad Fathi 53-58

Short Communication

Effect of Refrigerated Storage on Sensory Properties and Viability of Probiotic in Grape Drink PDF XML
Shirin Malganji, Sara Sohrabvandi, Mahshid Jahadi, Ameneh Nematollahi, Bahareh Sarmadi 59-62