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Vol 2, No 1 (2015)



Table of Contents

Review Article

Bio-antioxidants Activity: Their Mechanisms and Measurement Methods PDF XML
M.A Sahari, S Berenji Ardestani 3-8

Original Article

Compositional Evaluation of Raw and Processed Harms (Brachystegia Eurycoma) Seed Flour PDF XML
M.O Aremu, I.M Ohale, A.M Magomya, D.B Longbap, O.A Ushie 9-18
Identification of Anti-microbial Producing Enterococci Isolated from Iranian Raw Milk Cheeses Using Polyphasic Approach PDF XML
M.R Edalatian, M.B Habibi Najafi, A Mortazavi 19-24
The Effect of Homogenization Pressure and Stages on the Amounts of Lactic and Acetic Acids of Probiotic Yoghurt PDF XML
R Massoud, V Fadaei, K Khosravi-Darani 25-29
Antioxidant properties of minimally processed (ready-to-eat) Italian Cichorium genus salads PDF XML
A Papetti, G Marrubini 31-37
Evaluation of Carotenoids and Chlorophyll as Natural Resources for Food in Spirulina Microalgae PDF XML
M Ghaeni, L Roomiani, Y Moradi 39-44
Comparison of the Antifungal Activity of Titanium Dioxide Based Nano-Silver Packaging and Conventional Polyethylene Packaging in Consumed Bread PDF XML
H Mohammadi, A.A Anvar, P Qajarbeygi, H Ahari, F Abdi 45-51

Short Communication

The Effect of Saccharomyces Strains and Fermentation Condition on the pH, Foam Property and CO2 Concentration of Non-alcoholic Beer (Ma-al-shaeer) PDF XML
S. Sohrabvandi, S.H. Malganji, S.H. Razavi, S.M. Mousavi 53-57