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Cervical Spine and Degenerative Conditions

Afsoun Seddighi, Amir Hasan Hoseini, Ashkan Divanbeygi, Sajjad Alizadeh




Degenerative disks and cervical spine ligaments diseases caused by the collapse of the anatomical position of vertebral structures and attempt to adapt. The Degenerative disorder of the neck disks has a prevalence of 20% to 25% in the population under the age of 59 and 70%-95% in the population 65 years and older. This study performed as a retrospective by reviewing the clinical files of patients with anterior neck discectomy in Shohada Tajrish hospital between 2014-2017.
The severity of pain in the type of radiculopathy and neck pain measured from 1 to 10 based on the visual analog scale (VAS). The most common clinical manifestations of degenerative and cervical disks are neck pain, radiculopathy, and cervical myelopathy, alone or in combination. Generally, the disc hernia suddenly associated with acute symptoms.


Cervical, spine, degenerative


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