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The Role of Steroid in Post Myelography Headache

Afsoun Seddighi, Amir Saied Seddighi, Hesam Rahimi Baghdashti, Alireza Sheikhi, Shoeib Naimian




Myelography is a diagnostic procedure to indicate spinal defects. After the inception of new means of spinal cord imaging, use of myelography has been limited. Since there are contraindications for other modalities in some patients, we have to use myelography. The most common complication of myelography is post myelography headache (PMH). Many methods have been proposed to alleviate the pain. In this clinical trial study we assess the role of steroid in PMH.


Myelography; Headache; Lumbar Puncture; Steroid


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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22037/icnj.v3i2.13735


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